Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy

Our company have a high standard of business ethics and always complies with any anti-bribery legislation.



  1.  Have a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and bribery.
  2.  Do not give, offer, request, approve or accept, directly or indirectly what is, or may be construed as a bribe.
  3.  Allocate resources, suitable systems and notification requirements to ensure proper implementation and application of the anti-bribery policy.
  4.  Notify, address concerns, and register as incident when known, or suspected violation of our anti-bribery policy, or receive an offer or inquiry  from a third party that is or is perceived as an attempt to bribe.
  5.  Seek guidance from colleagues, managers or our compliance officer if we are in doubt about a situation within our policies or procedures.
  6.  Work proactive to identify and resolve anti-bribery risks.
  7.  Record all anti-bribery incidents and report in according to requirements and definitions.
  8.  Classify and investigate all violations of our anti-bribery regulations according to their severity.
  9.  Do not accept violations of our anti-corruption policy. Such may result in disciplinary action.