Vision and values

Our vision and our values and ethical guidelines govern everything we do



Our unique expertise, flexibility and good reputation will make BOS Power the preferred choice of our customers and partners.

Core Values and Ethical Guidelines

To ensure we live up to our responsibility and meet expectations we have formulated our core values and a set of ethical guidelines.

Core Values

Our core values – Professionalism, Veracity, Business acumen and Teamwork – guides our behavior towards each other and our customers

Professionalism means creating good customer experiences for our customers – both external and internal.

Veracity means transparency in everything we do – a precondition for trust and a positive reputation.

Business acumen lies at the heart of every business operation – it is all about profitability, curiosity and the ability to perceive new opportunities with the focus on customer needs.

Teamwork is a precondition for good individual performance. It requires that everyone is familiar with the team’s goals, rules of play and role division – and is happy when others succeed.


BOS Power`s ethical guidelines cover the following areas:

  • Compliance with laws, rules and Governing Documents
  • Accounting and Financial reporting
  • Human- and Labor rights
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Health, Environment, Safety and Security
  • Climate and Environment
  • Freedom of Speech and External communication
  • Business Ethics and Anti-corruption
  • Trading Rules
  • Follow up of Subcontractors
  • Quality

BOS Power`s ethical guidelines, values, vision and steering documents sets the framework for our business and govern all activities within the company.