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HavExpo is a new international fair for Norwegian aquaculture and fisheries, held 10th-12th of May at Sotra just outside of Bergen . The fair, which runs over three effective days, will showcase the maritime industries also including an extensive conference program with lectures and seminars.

Already at the first HavExpo fair they have become the second largest aquaculture and fishing fair in the world, measured in both the number of exhibitors and expected visitors. 

Navigating to Net-Zero with Solutions from BOS Power

Hybrid & Electric Solutions 

There is an increasing focus on emission on greenhouse gases from the aquaculture industry, and the industry itself is also focusing on the noise and vibrations from the operations close to and inside the fish farms.

Utilizing electrical propulsion systems, either as full electric or hybrid will reduce the emissions, and also reduce the noise and vibrations, giving better conditions both for the live fish and personnel working on the fish farms.

Electric Propulsion
Electric Propulsion

Energy Storage Solutions  

By installing battery  energy storage systems in the barge it enables an environmentally friendly, economical and not least quiet primary energy source. The batteries can be charged using onboard generators, onshore power or additional energy sources like solar panels. As a result, there will be a fully functional hybrid energy solution.

Battery Container
Battery Container

Gas Generator Sets 

Gas generator sets is suitable for the aquaculture industry as it combines reliable and environmentally friendly power generation with reduced operating costs and high availability. Enabling the operator to reduce its carbonfootprint. 

S500 Gas Generator set for natural gas and biogas
S500 Gas Generator set for natural gas and biogas

Come by our stand to learn more about:​​​​​​​

  BOS Power`s electric and hybrid power systems

  Charging solutions for electric and hybrid vessels

  Digital technologies ​​​​​​​

  Energy storage solutions

  Emergency Power Systems

BOS Power Marine and Power Generation sales team  will be present at the exhibition.. 

📆  10-12 May 2022
🕢  10am - 5pm  / 10am – 5pm
 📍   Sotra, Norway

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