Securing reliable water supply for Lunner & Gran municipalities in Norway

BOS Power will provide emergency backup power for Gran and Lunner inter-municipal water works at Grøa in eastern Norway. Securing stabile and reliable water supply in case of power outages at Lunner Water works.

About an hour drive north of Oslo, you`ll find the municipalities Lunner and Gran, set in a region between towns, mountains and lakes, where fields and plains meet farmland and country cottages. With a total number of over 22.000 inhabitants the two municipalities collaborate in providing its population a stable and secure drinking water supply.


Secure water supply

The main purpose of Gran and Lunner inter-municipal waterworks is to provide a stable, secure and an acceptable quality and quantity of water supply in both municipalities for health, livelihoods and production purposes.

Lunner & Gran municipalities
Lunner & Gran municipalities

The water supply system must be able to deliver enough, safe drinking water at all times. To achieve this, the water supply system must be resilient against situations like power loss. To secure a sufficient and continuous water pressure, the waterworks pumps the drinking water into the elevated basin from Lake Grøa.

Power outages

The elevated basin alone will only provide water to its subscribers for a few of hours. It`s therefore crucial that a backup power solution is in place to secure continuous operations of the pumps, providing a continuous water supply to the municipal’s inhabitants and critical infrastructure, even in a mains power failure event.

BOS Power will provide a generator set for emergency backup power to ensure reliable power supply for the water booster pumps. The controller automatically starts the genset at an event of a mains power failure, and when the mains power from the supply grid is back and stable, the switch from reserve power operation to normal operation will automatically take place, and the genset is stopped and ready for the next event.

Scope of Supply:

The contract includes an open generator set with a Scania DC13 engine and a Mecc-Alte alternator, capable of supplying 500 kVA / 400 kW standby power. In addition, the contract includes the installation and commissioning, as well as a service agreement securing reliable operation of the system.

Water pump station at Grøa
Water pump station at Grøa

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