Electric propulsion system

BOS Power electric propulsion systems for light crafts and passenger vessels

Electric propulsion system


  • Electric and hybrid propulsion

  • 50 - 2000 kW

The BOS Power electric propulsion system is based on a modular and flexible system design, which handles a wide range of applications and system configurations. As the different vessels type have significantly different operation profiles, it is essential that the optimal system configuration can be selected based on propulsion power demand, available charge power (voltage and capacity) as well as the power need for auxiliary consumers such as pumps and deck equipment. This approach enables the system to be optimized in terms of cost and energy usage, as well as meeting regulatory requirements for classified vessels or vessels with passenger certificates.

Due to the modularity and flexibility of the BOS Power electric propulsion system, it is suitable for both full-electric and hybrid configurations, as well as both new-buildings and conversion projects.

BOS Power undertakes the system integration for the complete propulsion system, including diesel-engines/generators, reduction gears and propellers, electric motors/generators, battery systems and System Controller and Maneuver system. The BOS System Controller is a redundant integrated unit controlling all the functionality of the system and provides the Power Management System (PMS) and the Energy Management System (EMS).

The system is delivered with remote access for remote monitoring, diagnostics and software updates to the system.