mtu Series 2000

mtu diesel generator sets function as safeguards to ensure uninterrupted electricity supplies to residential and public buildings, industrial facilities or entire city districts.

mtu Series 2000


  • Diesel generator sets

  • 850 - 1400 kVA

The mtu Series 2000 diesel generator sets is based on a powerful and flexible V-configuration engine available in 12, 16 and 18 cylinder versions, with ratings from 850 – 1400kVA. 

Systems with emission certified for EPA Tier II or non-certified versions are available. DEIF control-system with option for synchronizing with other gensets/grid.  

System ratings for Series 2000 G06 standby systems

Genset model [kVA] [kW] Datasheets
12V2000, DS825 825 660 Datasheet
12V2000, DS1000 1010 808 Datasheet
16V2000, DS1100 1100 880 Datasheet
16V2000, DS1250 1250 1000 Datasheet
18V2000, DS1400 1400 1120 Datasheet