Skanska Sthlm New - 2019

Elektromatik, a part of BOS Power, has had the pleasure of delivering emergency generator set to Skanska`s new office complex in Stockholm, Sthlm New. The system will provide power for ventilation, controls and an emergency elevator and will also handle the reverse power that the elevator will generate at times.

Skanska Sthlm New - 2019

    Engine & systems

  • SystemEmergency Power

  • Engine TypeVolvo Penta

  • GeneratorLeroy Somer

  • Fuel990 liters

  • Control SystemDeepSea

  • Rated Power250 kVA

    Owners & meta

  • delivered2019

Skanska is building what will be a new and modern office complex in Stockholm, called Sthlm New. One of the buildings, Sthlm 01, is a 27 story high building that is the center of the complex. For Sthlm 01 Elektromatik have installed a generator set within the building that will provide power in the event of a mains failure and a simultaneous fire.