Machining Workshop

Highly skilled technicians perform processing and renovation of engine components

We are specialists in machining and renovation of engine components, with over 30 years’ experience.

Offering renovation and machining for most engine types and all types of industries.

Our highly skilled technicians perform processing and renovation of engine components, including everything from small rehabilitations to complete component refurbishment, from heavy processing under tough conditions to final finishing.

Our workshop in Sweden has a large and modern machine park for overhauling components for most engine sizes. This enables us to work within very precise tolerances and high precision ensuring you the best result.

At our modern machining workshop, we offer:

  • Engine block overhaul
  • Crankshaft grinding, straightening, and balancing up to 3,5-meter length
  • Camshaft renovation
  • Cylinder drilling
  • Cylinder honing
  • Cylinder head renovation
  • Valve renovation
  • Flat sanding
  • Face milling
  • Balancing
  • Line drilling


We ensure:

  • High quality
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Short delivery time
  • Environmental benefits

Your trusted partner when quality count.

Returning your equipment to like-new condition — delivering the same high standards of performance.

Contact us to order machining and renovation of your componants, quickly and efficiently

                                         Location                                   Telephone                       Office details

                                            Norway                                   +47 55 94 74 60                          

                                            Denmark                                 +45 43 29 31 00                          

                                            Sweden                                   +46 (0) 812 139399                   

                                            Finland                                    +358 9 31545001