Digital solutions 

Our products and solutions are built to withstand the most extreme conditions. For more than a 100 years, mtu has been known to provide reliable and innovative power systems for mission critical applications. Now we add the option for data usage and digital capabilities to lift the efficiency and reliability even more.  

Connecting Engines and Systems 

Consistent digital value is created through access to current information from engines and systems. We make the relevant field data accessible via data loggers, while ensuring absolute data security.

Analysing Smart Data 

We store data compiled from mtu engines and systems worldwide, process it and make it available to your service/development teams. We use analytics to refine the data, analyze it, and derive recommended actions for predictive maintenance and proactive failure prevention.  

Delivering Digital Solutions 

Our customer-focused applications like mtu Go! Act and web-based platforms like mtu Go! Manage offer convenient and efficient access to relevant data. You are provided with real-time action recommendations via smartphone or other end devices.