Field Service

Service performed on site by qualified personnel

When uptime matters 

As a customer, you can be sure that we’ll deliver proper maintenance and follow-up regularly to guarantee optimal operation of your assets. Our technicians are highly skilled, with solid industry experience. Each have completed specialized courses in the engine series we distribute on behalf of mtu, Detroit Diesel and Mercedes. They are ready to help customers with service and maintenance on short notice.  

BOS Power’s field technicians supports operators and users in the commercial marine, powergen, defence and industrial sectors. The applications include passenger vessels, car ferries, fishing vessels, windfarm vessels, offshore supply vessels, offshore platforms, onshore industry emergency power and off-highway forestry and mining equipment. Common for all users are high demand on uptime, as the power systems are business critical.  


Call your local BOS Power office to order service and maintenance of your installations, quickly and efficiently. 

Location     Telephone Office details
Norway +47 55 94 74 60
Sweden +46 (0) 812 139399
Finland +358 9 31545001