Spare Parts

New parts

We supply original parts only.

Spare parts are distributed quickly and efficiently from our warehouses across the Nordics. We stock approximately 15,000 different new factory parts from mtu, Mercedes Benz and Detroit Diesel. 

Our experienced staff will help to procure components for all our engines, if provided with a model and serial number. Our stock is online with mtus global network of spare parts, and can normally be shipped within one day.  

Remanufactured engines and components  

Remanufactured engines and components have a reduced environmental footprint. Offered at attractive prices, with warranty terms similar to those for new engines and components, our remanufactured products save significant costs for our customers. Our reman prices are conditional on the receipt of returned goods that can be repaired.  


Call your local BOS Power office to order service and maintenance of your installations, quickly and efficiently. 

Location     Telephone office details
Norway +47 55 94 74 60
Sweden +46 (0) 812 139399
Finland +358 9 31545001