Reman Engines (Remanufactured engines)

Our Reman program is an effective exchange option for your mission critical diesel engines. BOS Power offers value care agreements where a swap stock of reman engines secures the customers productive uptime, and where the waiting time for engine replacement is minimized.

Exchange and save  

Reman products help you minimize downtime and take advantage of fixed pricing and fixed lead times. They’re delivered faster than an individual overhaul and less expensive than new equipment.

Reman products deliver the same high standards of performance, service life and quality as new mtu products, along with identical warranty coverage. And with design and model-related updates, they also feature similar technological advancements. 


Call your local BOS Power office to order service and maintenance of your installations, quickly and efficiently. 

Location     Telephone office details
Norway +47 55 94 74 60
Sweden +46 (0) 812 139399
Finland +358 9 31545001