Diesel electric propulsion

BOS Power delivers diesel electrical propulsion solutions with great fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. We offer IMO Tier III certified mtu gensets with excellent power-to-weight ratio, high speed and an outstanding load response. All solutions ensure increased reliability and redundancy for multi-generator plants.

Our complete diesel electric solutions include: generator sets with local operator panel and voltage regulation, coolers, exhaust silencer and filtration systems.


The diesel electrical propulsion solutions are well suited for live fish carriers, offshore support vessels, tugboats and other vessels with large variations in power demand.

The BOS Power systems are ideally suited for applications with limited space in the engine room.

Your benefits:

mtu marine gensets utilize a flexible system with advanced technology, which makes for a super-efficient operation. 

  • Lower fuel consumption at part load, up to 15%*
  • Longer maintenace intervals and up to 20%* lower maintenance costs
  • Lower noise signature

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