Energy Storage Solutions

BOS Power’s battery energy storage solutions maximize energy utilization and improves availability and reliability of powergrids and energy systems.

Whether you need a fully autonomous off-grid facility or simply want to manage your power grid more efficiently – such as engaging in peak shaving, load-shifting or frequency stabilization- BOS Power customize solutions for your needs.

With a wide range of solutions, from smaller mobile applications to 40ft containers and from 40 kVA to 2000 kVA, our solutions provides instant power whenever needed with high efficiency.  



Economic growth and increasing electrification of the society are pushing up electricity demand across the world, combined with higher demand variation throuout the day. These factors are creating challanges for the stability and security of the electrical grid supply. The solution is a sustainable power delivery systems that are ready for the future. 

BOS Power provides a wide range of energy storage solutions, from grid stablisiation and frequency regulation, integrating renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power, to ‘beyond the meter’ solutions for local energy buffering  – all aimed at creating sustainable electric power systems that are ready for the future.  The battery energy storage solutions stores excess electricity from any power source, and delivers it when needed – giving you instant power whenever needed.

BOS Power offer solutions tailored to customer needs, that are – 

  scalable in storage capacity and power rating adapted to the application

  turn-key and compact size systems perfect for any project with logistical restrictions



BOS Powers deliver innovative energy storage solutions for a vast number of applications in landbased industries, such as 

  Grid & utility service provider 

  • Grid frequency regulation
  • Stabilizing rural power supply by peak-shaving, reducing the peak load on the supply lines
  • Black-out protection

  Commercial and Industrial facilities

  • Reducing electricity grid connection tariffs and taking advantage of time-of-day tariffs variations
  • Integrating local PV (solar) electricity generation, storing excess energy to later use

  Construction sites

  • Mobile solutions
  • Reducing generator running time
  • Integrating local PV (solar) electricity generation, storing excess energy to later use


The versatile solutions can be adapted to a numerous of industries providing a various number of benefits from peak-shaving, taking advantage of time-of-day electricity tariffs to emergency back up functions

ValueCare Agreements – peace of mind for operators

ValueCare Agreements make it easy to optimize lifecycle costs, maximize uptime and devote more time and resources to your core business, with tailored solutions to move your business forward. With high availability of spare parts, we ensure your systems stay up and running,  and operators can have the benefit of peace-of-mind provided by preventive & corrective maintentence perforemd by trained technicians. 

Compact – Flexible –  Autonomous

Instant power wherever you need it

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