Hybrid and Electric Propulsion System

Battery electric propulsion system – example system configuration
BOS Power’s complete battery electric propulsion solutions ensure safe and reliable zero emission operation for a wide range of applications. The modular solution is designed to be customized to any vessel operation profile. We offer redundant systems for classified vessels, and simplified solutions for non-classified systems.   
  • The battery electric propoulsion system is well suited for light crafts, car/passenger ferries and work boats.
We provide integration of complete electrical propulsion solutions from bridge to propeller including the components and sub-systems below. 
  • Batteries storage system (ESS) 
  • Shore power connection and battery charging system
  • Electric Motors – PM or Asynchronous motors 
  • Switchboard, power electronics and transformers 
  • Power and Energy Management system (PMS/EMS) 
  • Bridge operating panels and maneuvering system, including controls 
  • Auxiliary generator, range extender 
Shaft line, propeller and rudder can easily be delivered via our strategic partners.

Hybrid Propulsion

BOS Power also delivers complete hybrid propulsion solutions for safe and reliable low emission operation when full electric propulsion is not suited. Our hybrid solutions unite the best from two worlds: Effective high-power mechanical propulsion for longer transits, and zero emission electric propulsion in low power operations. 
  • The hybrid solution is well suited for tugboats, workboats and other light vessels where propulsion is the main consumer and the energy requirement for transit operation exceeds the battery systems storage capacity.  
The hybrid solution can offer significant fuel savings, noise reduction and reduction of local emissions depending on the operational profile. We offer redundant systems for classified vessels, and simplified solutions for non-classified systems. Delivered with mtu or Volvo Penta diesel engines and generators.  We provide complete integration from bridge to propeller, including the components below. 
  • Diesel motors for main propulsion
  • Reduction gears and clutch as required – electric motors can be in-line or mounted on PTO/PTI on the gear
  • Batteries storage system (ESS) 
  • Shore power connection and battery charging 
  • Electric Motor/Generator 
  • Switchboard, power electronics and transformers 
  • Power and Energy Management system (PMS/EMS) 
  • Bridge operating panels and maneuvering system, including controls 

Navigating to Zero Emission

As a technology leader we work together with our customers towards a net-zero emissions future. We understand that each application is different and has its own specific demands, with our extensive competence we provide the perfect solution for your unique power requirements, from planning, thru design, build, commissioning and service.

Ensuring maximum vessel efficiency and reduced emissions and impact on the environment.

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