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New Emission regulations

The Shipping Industry is facing increasingly fierce requirements regarding air emissions. IMO Tier III regulations became valid January 1, 2021, focusing on nitrogen oxides (NOx) limits. The environmental requirements provide a NOx reduction of around 75 percent from previous requirements. This is a drastic reduction that small and large shipping companies must comply with when operating in Emission Controlled Areas (ECA), which consists of the Baltic Sea, North Sea, English Channel and the coasts of United States.

Efficient and flexible solution from BOS Power

The certified BOS Power S2000 – IMO III solution is



  Adjustable to engine room

 Reducing NOx emission by 75%

 Excellent power-to-weight ratio

 Available in the range of 720 – 1440 kW

Lower emission with upgrading existing systems

By upgrading existing engine installations with catalysts that comply with updated regulations, a ship owner can achieve significant GHG emission reductions.

As the single provider in the market for such a solution, ship-owners with focus on sustainable solutions and reduction of emission can improve the fleets environmental profile as well as increase vessel secondhand.

Proven Technology

BOS Power S2000 – IMO III solution consisting of mtu S2000 M72 propulsion engine and SCR exhaust gas aftertreatment system is designed for flexible installation and features an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The system guarantees same low fuel consumption and engine power output as before.

With focus on small engine rooms the system is designed to be adjustable to any engine room design/floor plan, with a flexible SCR unit that allows for utilization of space. 

Both the engine and the aftertreatment system is based on proven technology and has been successfully installed in vessels all over the world.

BOS Power IMO Tier III package

BOS Power delivers a complete propulsion package including engine and catalyst system. Reduction gear and propulsor can also be included in the scope of supply if required.

BOS Power IMO Tier III solutions includes mtu S2000M72 Engine (8 – 16V), complete SCR, control cabinet, urea dozing unit and urea tank.

BOS Power is ready to quote and deliver the Tier III package customized to your needs.

IMO Tier II & IMO Tier III – your choice

As the diesel engine is tested and certified for both IMO Tier 3 and IMO Tier 2 emission standards, the SCR plan can be switched off if the ship is in operation outside emission controlled areas, and the operator choose to do so. The engine will then fulfil IMO Tier 2 requirements

Why choose BOS Power as your partner

  BOS Power is your single provider of an IMO Tier III certified solution for the mtu Series 2000 M72

 Best in class when it comes to power to weight ratio

  Flexible solutions – adjustable to engine room

 High Time Between Overhaul (TBO)

 Beneficial Lfe Cycle Cost

 Digital solutions with mtu Go! Connect

Your partner for IMO Tier III certified solution. Our way to lower emission.

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